Evidence suggest that Google Chrome may bring back the ever wanted mute tab button

Google, when it stepped into the browsing market, had a small user base compared to Yahoo or Internet Explorer, which at the time were the ones with most user traffic, however Google Chrome over the years was able to climb over the competition and grab a major market share in the web browsing and search industry, Google as of now completely dominates this space.

You might wonder what is it that made Google Chrome climb over the competition. Well, experts suggest that it is the company's ability to keep its search engine both simple and bring out endless unique features that separates Chrome from its competitors. The browser since the start has had a minimalistic design approach, with features perfectly placed thus making it both useful and clutter free.

An example of another one of Google Chrome's unique features was its 'mute tab' button, this button was placed on the left side of the tab and allowed users to mute the tab's voice with just a click. This feature was largely popular since it made browsing through multiple tabs much easier. However, to users' surprise the feature was removed in 2018 and has since been missed by all Chrome users.

After the removal of this feature, users to quickly mute a tab have to right click on a tab and select the mute site options. While this technique to mute the tab is also effective, what it does is that it mutes all other tabs of the same site thus irritating users.

Well if you are amongst the list of people that miss the old mute tab button or are irritated by the mute site option, then we have got good news for you.

Recently a Chromium Gerrit user on Reddit revealed that Google has plans to bring back the mute button, somewhere in the future. The user pointed out that Google's competitor Microsoft Edge has a similar feature that is being liked by users thus forcing the company to plan on bringing back the mute tab feature.

Apart from this, Google has developed another mute tab button which is currently available on the Chrome canary version, this button is present in the media control options and also allows users to individually mute tabs. However, it is now difficult to judge which of the features will be available on Chrome.

H/T: @Leopeva64.

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