Facebook to create an Election Board in Fall 2022 to moderate election related content

Facebook has been accused of being politically biased a lot of times and hence now in order to get rid of such accusations and to make sure political content is thoroughly moderated on its platform the tech giant is planning on launching an election board.

The election board looks something similar to the Oversight board that Facebook launched a few months back. The oversight board contains a team of board members responsible for taking finalized decision of content which cannot be decided by Facebook moderators as to whether it should stay on the platform or not.

The Election board would work along the same formula however its board members will solely be responsible for handling election related content on the platform.

For this development, Facebook talked to both the academics and policy experts and according to a report from New York Times this new board will be announced in the coming fall 2022 just a bit before the US mid-term elections.

Pretty good timing indeed, because clearly that will be the time a lot of political content will be revolving around Facebook and the tech giant doesn't want to come off as biased yet again and after all the Trump and attack at the Capitol in the recent times safe to say the tech giant wants to stay safe of any political allegations.

However, while this new election board seems to be on the same track as the Oversight board what we don't know is that will it work just as independently as the Oversight board does? Facebook has no say in what the Oversight Board decides and hence the board is solely and independently responsible for the content it allows to flow on the platform, however there has been no comment made on the fact that will Facebook be included in taking the final decisions for the election related content.

Though apart from all this, it's really great to see Facebook working towards something that will potentially tone down the risks of any mishaps emerging because of some political fiasco or simply people getting offended on some political content and that sure will maintain a rather peaceful environment both online and in the world.

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