Here's how much Google is paying to become Apple’s default search engine

Apple is one of the leading mobile companies in the world which eventually means it has a huge user base attached to it and for this reason Google doesn't miss its chance to become the default search engine for Apple.

However, since nothing in this world us free, and all of this comes at a cost Google for the longest time has been paying Apple so that it keeps its search engine as Apple’s default one.

Google gave Apple about 10 billion dollars up until 2020 in order to be its default search engine for its iPhone, iPad and Mac however news is that the prices may just be going higher. Bernstein Analysts in a report stated that based on the data of Apple public filings and Google's TAC payments the collaboration between the two tech giants may go up to 15 billion dollars in 2021 and is possible to increase up to 18 to 20 billion in 2022. This may look like a lot of money, but it's what comes when a search giant wants to collaborate with the leading mobile company in the world and it is not like that Google cannot pay this hefty amount considering how well it is doing on its own as well.

The analysts believe that Google is paying Apple so that Microsoft doesn't outbid it however while this partnership looks great right now analysts believe that this collaboration may have two possible risks in the future, one that the authorities ban Apple from receiving the said amount because this is killing the market competition and other that sometime in the future Google realizes that this partnership is not benefitting them and cancels the partnership.

However, while these risks are what may be encountered in the future, the current problem stands with Apple which is being accused of favoring Google and being biased towards the tech giant. However, Apple denies such claims and says that Google is the leading search engine in the world and it only makes sense for the company to use it as their default browser and that it is also in support for various other technologies.

So, what are your thoughts on this partnership between the two companies and do you think this is killing the market competition or that Apple is being biased?

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