TikTok is testing another new update by exceeding its video limit up to 5 minutes (and even longer) in the coming weeks

TikTok has managed to stay on the top position of the download and user chart since its popularity accelerated and despite having a huge user strength, the entertainment giant doesn't take its popularity for granted and is always working hard to bring in new updates and features to keep its audience hooked to the short video creating application.

However, looks like the 'short video creating application' will not be staying short much longer. Why is that?

Well, some news has flown in and Matt Navarra who is known to unleash hidden features also took it to his Twitter to update the world that TikTok might just be expanding the limit for videos.

Though this may not be the first time the tech giant did this.

TikTok started off as a short video application with a time limit of only 15 seconds and after its popularity when users urged that it was too less to truly get the message across, TikTok then updated it to 30 seconds long and after this in July 2021, the limit exceeded to 3 minutes.

But now there has been speculations that some users have gotten notifications for update with a video limit up to 5 minutes long or even longer a spotted by @blueasyraff.

The expansion of the videos up to five minutes will give creators a chance to fully express themselves and give them more creative capacity. Apart from this, longer videos will give more opportunities of monetization which will be proportionate to better earnings for the users.

Longer durations of videos will also help TikTok to stand in competition with other platforms like Facebook and YouTube and the exceeded limit will help TikTok in not letting its users switch to other mode of applications for longer videos.

While a lot of people may assume that TikTok may have introduced this feature for the sake of growing competition in the market, however from what it seems like the tech giant has taken a rather thoroughly thought through process because its Chinese Version Douyin has already an exceeded limit of 15 minutes and if that's working well for the 600 million users on Douyin than TikTok clearly knows what it is doing.

TikTok has a lot of cool features and we cannot wait to see what will the new exceeding limit bring with itself and how well will the public respond to it.

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