Facebook to come up with new targeted advertising technologies that leaves users privacy undisturbed

With the increase in the use of social networks over the past few years, one thing social media users have become highly conscious of is their digital privacy. Social media platforms all over the world have been accused of having too much user information and their devices data. Increasing accusations against social networks have caused people to stop trusting them at all. A recent example of this is when people started leaving Facebook owned 'WhatsApp' due to its data policies. Technology awareness in the past few years has made people aware about things like user data stealing. To keep user's trust intact the big tech companies have started to roll out updates that offer better privacy to its users.

Recently, the social giant Facebook also stepped in the race for offering its users more privacy. The new update that Facebook has planned to bring about is a change in its targeted advertisement feature. Previously Facebook targeted advertising used a system that takes in user data through cookies, however the new technology that Facebook is planning to bring about, will not require much of user data.

These changes were made after Facebook realized that it will be difficult for their current targeted advertising system to continue with the new EU and US privacy legislations. The privacy legislation refused micro targeting in advertisements and also user surveillance.

Facebook following the new legislation started collaborating with Google on a user privacy project. Both companies have put together resources to develop techniques that enhance user privacy. Together these companies are working on ways they can carry on targeted advertising, without affecting user privacy.

The new targeted advertisement system announced by Facebook uses a privacy enhancing technology named secure multi party computation. This technology is designed in a way that it largely helps advertisers while posting ads on the platforms, while also keeping user privacy undisturbed. The technology does so by using local data processing, that processes user’s data on the device rather than uploading it on a cloud or server.

Facebook, which previously has been largely criticized regarding data concerns, will surely be appreciated next year when it comes out with the new targeted advertising technology.

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