Google Trends Just Turned 15, Here are the Trends That Have Stood Out Since 2006

These days it might seem pretty much impossible to make any kind of business decision without first looking at Google trends. People often use these trends to get an idea of what is occurring in the pop culture space among a wide range of other kinds of scenarios as well, but with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that Google Trends has not always been around and it was in fact only launched for the public in 2006.

What this means is that Google Trends is now 15 years old. While Google started collecting and compiling trend data in 2004, 2006 is when this data became accessible to the public so this is the starting point that most people look at. Now that Google Trends has reached this momentous milestone, we can take a look back into the past to see some of the most prominent trends that have occurred over the years.

Looking at these trends is arguably quite important since it has the potential to give you some perspective on what was topmost on people’s minds during these periods in history. The past 15 years have been quite eventful to say the least, and the internet has made it so that people are far more connected than they used to be which allows them to pay more attention to whatever might be going on which has made the world seem even more eventful to those that only just started to receive such vast quantities of information.

While some trends are going to show stark differences, such as Oprah being the most searched for celebrity in 2006 whereas in 2021 it’s Olivia Rodrigo, there are certain similarities as well such as Big Brother appearing on the list of most searched TV shows in both 2006 and 2021. In fact, Big Brother has managed to become even more relevant over the years, going from the second most widely searched show to the most widely searched in the span of fifteen years.

If you take a look at the infographic below, you will see how the trends have changed. Some of these trends might seem like a real blast from the past, and for quite a few they will be reminder of what things were like during the days of their youth. Some trends might even remind you of certain things that you might want to forget, such as the rather embarrassing music that you must have listened to as a child! Either way, this comparison is a real nostalgia trip that most people are probably going to appreciate quite a bit.

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