Snapchat defends itself from viral social media accusations of falsely acquiring sensitive users information

This week a new issue regarding Snapchat's privacy practices making rounds on social media that claims that Snapchat takes one's birth information without consent.

In defense, the platform stated how users provide it themselves, when feeding in info for the astrological feature. The claims made on both TikTok and surprisingly, Twitter were a little exaggerated, mentioning that Snapchat knows where you were born as well as the time without users inputting anything except their birthdate. While this would have resulted in a large number of new followers for the accounts making the claim, it certainly did not have much of an impact on Snapchat users as the platform was quick to revert any faux news.

Snapchat clarified that its new feature, the Astrological Profile, asks for only the user's birthdate and accurate time which is then voluntarily provided by the user. This is only to speculate the user's chart reading, with no such hidden incentive. Snapchat emphasized that it strictly follows its regulations of keeping information safe and secure, especially such sensitive data. The feature launched last November is just a fun feature to compare your compatibility with friends. It's not like astrology and Snapchat are a newfound relation, considering you've always seen your star sign on your profile view. Snapchat made sure to ensure its users that their data cannot be seen by any other.

While many might deem the astrological feature as unnecessary, it isn't wholly unnecessary. Getting to know your astrological charts for free isn't something you get everyday but you do have to compromise your privacy, however that too with only the app. Of course Snapchat isn't forcing any user to share this information and the choice is totally yours, considering it is just an additional fun feature.

The birth date, location, and time can be deleted whenever you feel like with just a simple tap. This ensures your safety like no other, lifting quite a burden off your chest. Snapchat implements over and over again how the platform will not use this information or share it anywhere else than how it is intended to be used. You can however, share your birthdate if you like but apart from that, all the data is kept in a rather secure safe, locked away securely.

Whether to share the information or not is up to you, but if you do, it is safe. Users should always be cautious before sharing malicious claims on influential platforms like Twitter and TikTok. Although the platforms are working on the removal of all misinformation, it will take some time before the issue is identified then removed.

But for now, we do know who's right and who's wrong and we hope users know their responsibility about the spread of information.

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