Facebook is working on ‘For You’ and ‘Explore’ Tab for News section on its platform

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world where people can connect with their families and friends, share their photos and videos, and most importantly, can get their news on the same platform. During the pandemic situation, when people were bound to stay at home. They were most likely to read news on Facebook instead of TVs and social applications, so the platform tries to bring news that is authentic and relevant to its users. Recently, Matt Navarra, who is a social media app researcher has tweeted that Facebook is working on two tabs for News section on its platform including “For You” and “Explore”.

Matt Navarra has posted two screenshots to show that how these tabs will look like on Facebook's News section. It looks like the platform is slicing the categories of News feed for its users, for instance, it will show the news on the For You tab if that is related to your country, city, or near the area so you might be more concerned about that news. This tab will be helpful for those people who only want to read domestic news or the categories in which they are more absorbed. The platform is now looking for different ways to improve the news section as it previously included different options such as most relevant, most recent, etc.

However, in the Explore tab, if people are interested to read more categories of news, they will be able to discover news to various extents such as sports, Business, weather, and world wide news. Now people can also search for news on the platform if they are more curious to read various sorts of news. Navarra has not revealed the exact date for the wide availability of these tabbed feeds on its page but it is hoped that it will be included in the News portion soon after passing its development phase.

The platform is now focusing more on its News Feed because it stands out as a regular source of news for its users. According to the report of Pew Research Center, 36 percent of the people only in the US say that they read daily news on Facebook, this shows the importance of the news section for the platform as this can be a significant source for the engagement of users.

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