Google Chrome is testing multiple windows on Android, new tab page, and a mute button for global media control on desktop

Google Chrome's upcoming update is a bag full of wonders that keeps getting better by the minute.

The first update of Chrome browser will consist of multiple windows for Android users that you are used to of seeing on Microsoft Windows OS on desktop, meaning you will be able to open up various windows on the Google Chrome on mobile, not just on the web, in addition to the previous multiple tabs available.

As you all might have already experienced, Google Chrome on web browser gives you the opportunity to browse through multiple windows at once. This has not been possible on the mobile since Chrome only allows users to open up multiple tabs, however that story is going to change soon since with the Android 12 comes the ability to support multi-windows as well as the access to a windows manager.

Android 12 will let you open multiple windows of Google Chrome just like on desktop

This news was brought about by XDA Developers who discovered a button labeled as new window but that can only be used when the screen is split. When you tap on that button, a new Chrome window will appear accompanied by yet another context menu window. This window will go by the title of 'manage windows'. This will be the control box of the windows, consisting of all the current activities taking place.

Google decided not to limit the number of tabs however the number of windows is limited to 5 unlike the web where you can open up as many as you'd like, as long as your PC doesn't slow down. Furthermore, a reboot will not affect the state of these windows due to the presence of 'SharedPreferences'. Moreover, each window will appear as a new listing in your app list to keep track of all applications. Although this is a trick from the past Google believes it is the best way to manage the windows.

You can test this feature right now too if you have the Android 12 beta available however keep in mind you'll need to be in the split screen mode. As soon as you exit the mode, one of the windows will stop displaying, merging the tabs in one instance of Chrome. If you want to experience a much better version with no defects like this, you will have to wait for Android 12 to launch.

Android 12 is also working on revamping your usual themes and styles to much more vibrant and quirky ones. Furthermore, the update will enable users to be armed with better security features, for instance, your location will now be sent as an approximate one instead of a precise one to app developers that request for location.

With the redesign, Android 12 has yet another change however this one is reversible unlike any other updates we've seen so far. The redesign is related to Chrome's new tab page that was previously isolated and simple, and is now crowded with different elements with slightly shorter dimensions, as spotted by 9to5G. The feature hasn't been widely observed yet, meaning it's close to launch.

Chrome for Android tests a stuffed New Tab Page design

The New Tab page works more like a surface now. We were reminded of the widgets present on a single page in mobiles as well as Yahoo's home page. The new Google Chrome's front page still harbors the Google logo but it is much smaller now and fits right in the app bar. The open tab count and switch bar option has been replaced by the user account profile icon and the tabs can now be observed on the bottom.

Beneath the search bar present below the Google are your favorite bookmarks. Present yet beneath them, you will find the new feature labeled as 'continue browsing'. This consists of all your already opened tabs. A new tab option can also be seen below.

Since the new design might be conceived as unconventional, Google does allow users to change back into the old format by disabling the start surface option in the experiential flags section (chrome://flags/#enable-start-surface). Some Chrome users may like it and others don't but at least this the new design still has the reversible option present.

The wonders of Chrome don't end just yet as it also added a mute button for the Chrome Global Media controls while a volume slider and device selector were also enabled. These features, as per Leo Varela, can only be observed on the Chrome Canary for now but we hope they will roll out to everyone soon.

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