Google Maps for iOS to get new interesting updates that will surely increase its user experience

If you suddenly wake up on an unknown island and have only your phone in your pocket, what is the first application that you are going to open? Well your answer is surely maps since it would immediately tell you exactly where you are thus largely helping you go back home. This is the problem that Google maps effectively solves, it effectively tells us our location and also tells us ways to reach a particular destination whilst also indicating different things like traffic or accidents throughout the way.

Google maps is surely an app that makes life easier, which is why the navigation application has a large number of users, almost every person that travels uses it at some point. Over the years the use of mobile phones have increased thus also increasing the number of people that use maps on their smartphones. This increase in the number of users caused a lot of other maps applications to come in however Google maps has effectively beaten its competitors every time and is the most used map application. The Google map whilst being an Android product has managed to largely grasp a large amount of users on the iOS as well. A large reason for Google Maps success even on the iOS is its accuracy and updates that bring unique features to the app.

Recently Google Maps announced three new interesting updates for its iOS users.

The first update is something that we have been seeing in many different applications lately and that is the 'dark mode'. The update in the coming week would allow iOS users to use Google maps in dark mode. Users will be able to do so by enabling it in the settings. This new feature is great for users that hate using the app with bright light shining into their eyes for longer time periods.

The second update that Google announced is the 'traffic widget and map search widget'. Both these widgets would largely increase the app's user experience.

The traffic widget would allow users to see what the traffic is like in different places. Thus saving their time and energy. The map search widget will allow users to search for any desirable place moreover it would also allow them to turn on navigation to frequent destinations with a few taps.

The third update that Google announced is real time location sharing via the iMessage app. Users will be able to send their real time location with just a few taps on the iMessage app. Users will also be able to control the expiry of the live location between 1 hour and 3 days, whilst also giving users the option to stop the real time location sharing anytime they want.

These new updates will likely make the Google maps on iOS better and are expected to bring new iOS users to the app.

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