TikTok plans to introduce the stories feature that will be similar to stories on Snapchat and Facebook-owned Instagram

As TikTok has gained much popularity just in a limited time, so many social platforms decided to copy its trends, for instance, Instagram was inspired by the 15 seconds video so it introduced a similar feature in the form of Reel content on its platform. Now, it is time for TikTok to launch a similar feature of stories to Snapchat and Facebook-owned Instagram. Every day millions of people post stories on social platforms because they love to share their, ideas, creativity or information with others for a limited time and that also benefits the social platforms because that increase the engagement of users and that is the main reason why TikTok is testing this feature.

A social consultant and app leaker, Matt Navarra has tweeted (who got tip from Aman Firdaus) about the imminent option of the platform and shared some screenshots about the feature that shows that the stories will be presented in a folding left sidebar at the core feed. People can view such stories for 24 hours and after that, the stories will automatically vanish. The new feature will also bring other options such as reaction on stories and comment section just like people do on other social platforms. Users can click on the profile photo of a person to view the story. The platform has included the “create” option to the sidebar so that people can tap that option to create their own stories as the platform has said that it is the new way to connect with your fans and friends. People can also include sounds, text, or captions to make their stories more exciting.

The platform wants to boost the user engagement, therefore; it is a good idea to bring such type of feature to compete with its rivals. As it is a video-based platform, so it is probable that people will only be able to post videos on stories, not photos yet. The platform always tries to bring an exhilarating way for its users. The representative of the platform has recently said that the platform is testing the latest feature to provide users a layout to carry their inspired thoughts to life for the communal of the platform. The exact date for the launch of this feature has not been revealed yet, according to a source; the platform has provided access to a few users because the platform may want to get the feedback before the wider launch.

There is no doubt that story feature is the major element to retain the traffic but sometimes this is not always fruitful just like Fleets.

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