Snapchat Is Making Strides In Preventing Misinformation And Calls For All Other Organizations To Do The Same

Snapchat over the years has turned out to be not only the most lovable and widely used camera add on application but it also is equally acclaimed and used messaging application as a result of its ephemeral pictures, chat deletion, and screenshot warning features amongst many. However, it is now appearing in the headlines as an application that is causing a bit confusion for consumer privacy and its lack of advertisements speaks volumes as to how they generate most of their revenue through the use of the features of the app and not making the application an online marketplace with ads swinging here and there.

This is one of the features that has assisted Snapchat in preventing the spread of misinformation as the lack of a news feed prevents anyone from sharing anything and no option to broadcast messages to hundreds of individuals unknown to you is not there. However, some would argue that the individuals known to each other can be a medium to misinformation, especially in times like these where vaccine misinformation is rampant and new conspiracy theories spring out every day. In a counter to this point, Snapchat clarified in a statement that the prevention of misinformation is only plausible if both sides of the screen play their part in it. They went on to instate the fact that such instances of misinformation can be curbed down by the active members of the community that are informing of the benefits of the vaccine and publicize safety and caution against the virus. Not only that, Snapchat went on to state that their explore page is well equipped with vetted and appreciated content creators that are responsible and produce media that is based on either opinion that does not harm anyone or facts that increase knowledge. Any other form of content such as one that spreads misinformation is condemned and reported by the Snapchat community allowing the officials to take it down. Furthermore, not only the reporting section defends the community against discrimination the strict and stringent policy released by Snapchat over community and content guidelines prevents the creation of such content let alone its spread.

Even the advertisement from content creators that may influence politics is clearly marked as paid for including the name of the organization or individual that funded the operation. The company explicitly mentioned in its transparency report that it cracked down on around six thousand pieces of violating content in the second half of 2020. The company also highlighted its links with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization from the start of the pandemic for only allowing scientifically acknowledged information to be distributed. The company ended the note by saying that they are playing their own role as is required of them and others should do the same.

DAVID MCNEW via Getty Images

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