Bot Traffic Costs Retail Businesses $250 Million a Year

The manner in which retail businesses tend to operate makes it so that they usually have really thin profit margins with all things having been considered and taken into account. They do this because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing them to sell in far higher quantities and volumes. Hence, when something happens that starts to shave these margins down a little bit, things very quickly start to become somewhat untenable for the vast majority of retail businesses that are currently out there.

One such factor that negatively impacts the sustainability of retail businesses is traffic from bots. A survey conducted by Netacea showed that 46% of the 440 businesses that were surveyed said that they had suffered a bot attack on their apps at some point in the past. 23% said that they suffered attacks on their APIs which is far more serious, and the truly concerning thing is that these attacks were spread over pretty much all of the sectors that are out there.

The survey also revealed that about 3.6% of the revenue that these business earn was lost due to these types of attacks from bots and the like. What’s more is that if you look at the worst affected businesses, their losses come up to around $250 million a year.

These types of occurrences are a huge obstacle that the vast majority of retail businesses are really struggling to overcome. They make it difficult to maintain adequate profit margins, and are therefore a top priority for people to solve. The losses that are incurred due to these bot attacks seem to be getting increasingly worse as time goes by, and this is one of those situations where if a solution is not discovered as quickly as possible it might not come around before it’s too late.

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