According to the financial executive of Facebook, David Marcus, the platform is thinking about including the support of Non-fungible tokens into the latest digital wallet

The financial executive of Facebook, David Marcus said in an interview a couple of days ago that they are looking for diverse ways to invest in features linked to Non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the Novi cryptocurrency wallet. He further talked about the strong position of the platform to discover the support of Non-fungible tokens in the latest digital wallet but it is better not to announce the details about the particular plans of the platform at this stage. NFT might grow the forthcoming digital crypto wallet. He further added to his point that the platform needs to make a plan about facilitating the customers’ support of NFT as it is having a decent cryptocurrency wallet. However, the executive was not much sure about the types of products linked to NFT that the platform might build.

As per the statement of David Marcus, when the digital wallet will roll out, it will help to collect NFT, and he further included that people after building NFT may want to vend it or rent it. Novi wallet is projected to enable people to perform sometimes free and rapid transference of money. Initially, the digital crypto wallet was built to pair with Diem.

The head of financial services also said that the platform’s Novi wallet is ready now, and the company has waited long enough to introduce it with Diem. However, Diem still has pending regulatory apprehensions in terms of data secrecy and there are chances that it may be used for money laundering. The online currency was called Libra before that David co-founded within the platform back in the year 2019. However, he said that the platform may now unveil the Novi without the Diem. This wallet will help to cut down the cost and will help more efficiently while making transactions or conducting business.

Facebook had to face some harsh remarks previously from the financial officials that the payment and economic services should not allow the platform to be the slice of these inventions. David stated at that time that the platform’s financial project has gone through prejudicial confrontation from the financial watchdogs. The head has now reaffirmed his point and said that “Novi” earns a fair shot at getting the trust of the public. The platform has a past of giving tough competition to the extents such as communication and diminishing the prices of messages and worldwide call services. David comprehends the trust conversations, while explaining the meaning of giving a fair shot, he said that he does not mean that platform deserves the eyeless trust of the general public.

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