Instagram's new feature makes searching for relevant content easier

This week, Instagram's head Adam Mosseri shared a video explaining how the new Instagram search process works. The process was already discussed in an earlier video while in this one Mosseri emphasized on why you see what you see when you search a particular keyword. He explained four basic elements including how Instagram ranks searches, how users show up on a search, how Instagram keeps searches safe, and what's new for search.

In its attempt to make searches more efficient, Instagram has made the search results appear more like TikTok, with the similarities being quite noticeable. Mosseri mentioned how the results could possibly be displayed with a grid of pictures and videos accompanying the keyword along with the recent hashtags and most relevant accounts and places in the 'top' section. This layout is exactly how TikTok displays its searches hence we know where this influence directed from.

This search change is a follow-up of the previous search tweak however is a whole lot better this time. When searching a keyword, first the videos and pictures that are most relevant will appear. They won't be able to play, with the actual visual experience still behind the tap, but you will be able to see the top ones. This will be followed by all the popular accounts relevant to the keyword as well as hashtags, all in one space.

Yes, Instagram's current search process is not despicable yet, but it certainly does not produce the best results. It does not feature accounts from all over the world nor does it show results in terms of pictures or videos. Furthermore, the relevancy is pretty limited. This is why Instagram has decided to expand its number of terms but starting off with English only. We do not know when Instagram will add other languages as well nor do we know when this feature will actually launch.

Next, Mosseri explained how a search result is extracted and it has three major elements playing a key role that include the the words you enter in the search bar, how you engage on the platform, and the data concerning the search results. The keyword you enter is the most relevant since Instagram will use it to locate that keyword on accounts i.e. their bio, usernames, etc. Your activity plays the next role, meaning Instagram will prioritize the accounts you follow first, followed by accounts that match your area of interest. When there are a lot of accounts concerning the keyword, for example the keyword 'red', you will see accounts based off their popularity.

Mosseri mentioned how the same rules apply to how your content is showed as well. All th details matter - who you interact with, your bio, your username, your likes, and so on. Not only this, the platform also rules out any content that might have violated its terms and policies in any way.

We suspect this new change to be revolutionary for Instagram, proving to an efficient asset to both the platform and users, inviting more users over.

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