YouTube's Offering A New Way To Tip Content Creators For Their Video Uploads

YouTube introduces a new Super Thanks feature, which allows the community to tip the creators they like over their uploads.

It's almost a surprise, seeing how far a career on YouTube can now take individuals. Some of the most successful individuals in the world had humble beginnings as either vloggers or Let's Players on the platform. Big names such as those of Markiplier and Mr. Beast have even made it into the Forbes magazine in multiple issues. And to think all of this started from grainy camera footage and shoddy mic setups. Platforms such as YouTube and TikTok let virtually anyone achieve an online career, monetizing on what was traditionally considered no more than a quirky hobby with the most basic equipment. Even as YouTube keeps progressing, with higher quality content making it to the trending pages, YouTubers such as Gus Johnson and ProZD showcase their success with nothing more than simple cameras or mobile phones.

Prior to this feature, if users wanted to express any form of patronage to their favorite content creators, it would have to be during livestreams, in the form of stickers, or Super Chat. These are features carried over from other popular livestreaming platforms such as Twitch. However, on YouTube, limiting an individual's donations to just livestreams isn't perhaps the most effective. Unlike Twitch, which is a platform entirely reliant on live streaming, YouTubers usually generate revenue off of a consistent upload schedule. This takes up most of their time, and accordingly, this is what deserves most of the reward. Therefore, the addition of Super Thanks does a lot to help out content creators on the platform.

Of course, with YouTube being as advertiser heavy as it is, most people wonder whether or not giving donations to content creators is even necessary. Ad revenue and merchandise sales should be enough, no? Well, the answer to this boils down to just how unpredictable YouTube's algorithm is, and how it doesn't necessarily reward good content over bad content. If you've got a creator who's making decent content, and you've the money to extend to them, go on ahead.

Once you offer a Super Thanks to a content creator's upload, your tip will be highlighted in the comment section, along with the amount donated (between USD $2 to $50). Super Thanks has been in beta testing for quite a while, but is finally out and about for users to engage with. Accordingly, content creators might be feeling just a little bit pleased about YouTube providing a solid avenue for generating a bit more revenue to pay the bills.

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