Facebook is working towards increasing content sensitivity controls on all its platforms

The use of internet and particularly social media has grown 100 folds over the years, each year more and more people jump onto different social media platforms thus growing the number of users each social media platform has. According to a report, an average of 16.5 new users sign up on different social platforms each second. This massive usage of social media amongst people surely generates a lot of revenue for social platforms however it has a bunch of drawbacks.

The most major drawback caused due to the use of social media is the increase in cyber bullying on these platforms. Over the years cyber bullying, online harassment and discrimination have increased on social platforms, this sure does have a direct effect on the mental health of people using these social platforms. For social media giants that own a big market share in the social media market, this certainly is a problem that needs to be solved.

Facebook is amongst the big names that has worked on minimizing bullying and hate speech on its platforms, it has managed to do so by introducing different features that allow users to block, report and remove things that they find offensive or discriminatory etc. Recently Facebook is taking some more additional steps towards making its social platforms more safe for its users.

Lately users on Facebook have started receiving a pop up with some posts, the pop up ask the user if they want to see less or more of the type of content which is in the post. This particular feature allows users to control the type of content that they want to see on their news feed. This ensures that the user does not see any content that in any way or form offends or bully them.

Apart from the pop up on the social network, Facebook is also introducing new content sensitivity controls on Instagram. To improve safety on Instagram, Facebook previously introduced a tool that filter’s offensive DM’s moreover it also introduced pronouns in profile bio’s thus making Instagram a much safer place for all ages and genders.

Instagram has strict rules regarding content that contains hate speech or bullying and it is usually removed however some posts that are usually sexual or violent in nature do not break Instagram’s rules and pop up on the explore section. With the new content sensitivity control users would be able to decide the type of content that they want to see in the explore tab. Users that don’t want to view sensitive content can go to the account tab in settings and easily switch between options to allow or disallow such content.

With time every other social site has started to make their platform much more hate free thus making the internet a much safer space for everyone.

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