YouTube UI engineers are working on a new video description format with the comments as the highlight

Ever since we've been little kids, we have seen the same YouTube layout with little to no changes. The layout is simple, precise, and suits everyone. But Google recently decided that the format needs an uncalled-for change. We get the platform is trying to improve but did we ask for it?

YouTube is testing out a new format with the description setting a bit compact and the highlight being the comment section. While this is quite a thoughtful initiative, it can potentially make the description section look a bit cramped.

The changes are pretty apparent at first sight. The video part is the same, of course, followed by the video title which remains unchanged as well. Next, the usual view count and date appear. The format is the same but much bolder this time around.

Then we can spot the description where shorter descriptions are preferred over longer ones. The new design, as per 9to5Google, has changed the whole description dynamic where short ones look nice and neat while longer ones turn out to be slightly cramped, fitting in the two lines provided before the 'show more' option. This is why all the emphasis needs to be placed on the first line since that is the do or die for any video.

The like, share, and save buttons remained unchanged as well however the subscription label did show a slight change. The subscription box will now appear in a slightly faint box instead of the alarming red one it used to be before. We must admit, we had grown fond of the blazing red of the subscription box.

Next, you will spot a section that highlights the most-liked comment along with the count. The new format allows the two to be side-by-side when viewed on a screen that is large enough. The rest of the format is just as before with the usual feedback beneath.

We must say, we're not happy with the format choice the designers made this time. Usually, we do expect more however the wayward bold words caught us off the hook and a little unsatisfied. The bolding choices make it hard to spot the crucial info from the less useful.

We are quite pleased, however, that the description being shown is precise yet the congested setting does not suit the whole aura. Since the redesign has not been rolled out yet, we do not know how the public reacts. We do speculate that the reaction will not be all rainbows and glitters though.

Looking forward to the new feature? Stay tuned to find out when it rolls out.

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