Sharing links of YouTube videos with Chapters is now becoming more accessible for Android users

Sharing time stamped links is one of the recent feature released by YouTube. With the help of this, sender can share the exact to the point part of a video instead of sharing the whole video. While users with Desktop version of YouTube were having a great time using the feature, Android users were not having a smooth experience.

To help its users, YouTube released another update. In this update they added a new option for adding chapters to the uploaded content. Just like time stamped links that can save time, Chapters can also make things more time conserving as it will let the user to know about the part of a video that talks about the desired topic.

While a time stamp can quickly open the required part, sharing a link is where it all gets messed up. Users can share the time stamped links by themselves, but they will be required to type it in seconds. This conversion of minutes into seconds will snatch all the time and this is why Android users are having a hard time getting used to it.

To counter this, Chapters were introduced last year. While they seem to be working fine, the drawback is that chapters are not added automatically instead, the uploader has the choice to add them or not. But some sources revealed that Google is also working to add chapters through auto generated programs as well. In this way the feature will be used frequently by users. While YouTube made things easy through chapters, the tech giant also added a separate button for time stamp on mobile phone version.

Sharing a specific chapter of a video is as easy as using the feature for personal use. In order to share the link, the user first needs to tap on the chapter link available at the bottom of the video being played. Tapping on the chapter link will display a list of all the chapters of that video along with an option to share them either on a different application or by copying the link. This could be a step towards a time stamp like feature available for desktop users.

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