Through the “Trusted Friend” feature of Twitter, users will be able to restrict the tweets (just like Instagram) to the specific group of close friends

Twitter wants to provide a secure environment to its users where their privacy is maintained. Therefore, the platform has given the option to its users to manage who can see their tweet by testing a new idea of restricting the tweets to a trusted group of friends only, so in this way, people will now feel more comfortable on the platform as there are more millions of users who can see your tweet, but now through this latest feature (just like Instagram), people can create their limited group of friends and another feature named Facets which will provide an opportunity to users to classify their tweet when they want to send them, this will save your time a lot.

The platform has recently published some ideas of the latest features it will provide to its users. Users of this platform will also get a service of choosing a specific phrase that they do not like to see while getting their replies. Somehow these features, when they will be launched in the near future, as the platform has said that they are still in the development phase but after rolling out they will help to reduce the bullying and to troll on the platform which has now become a major problem of all social media platforms.

People using the platform still have created different accounts for their business and private accounts for sharing their posts to their family and specific friends because they do not want to share their privacy with the public and Twitter respects that, therefore, it is developing these features i.e. Facets ( which give more gritty options to users to classify their tweets into professional and private classes and interests users might also have) and Trusted friends to help users to enable all the functionalities on just one account instead of choosing different accounts for different functions. The trusted friend’s option will ask users whether they want to public their tweet or limit it to a particular audience. Other social media apps like Instagram has also a similar feature that allows users to choose close friends to share their post.

Sometimes it happens that users like a specific post of a creator and through the new options users will also be able to follow only a specific post of creators and they do not need to follow the entire account of the creator. The app when it introduced the feature of Tip Jar for its users where creators can receive donations from the public, but that was criticized a lot due to the reason that can also reveal the payment details and other personal information like address while using the PayPal but that was the flaw of PayPal, not the Twitter app. Now the platform has taken a good step to share these designs with the general public where it can also get some good pieces of advice too before rolling out the feature.

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