Why Apple Should Start Allowing Side Loading

Apple earns revenue from a wide range of different sources, but perhaps its most important source of revenue would be from its App Store. Apple gets anywhere from 15% to 20% of App Store revenue, and this means that the company puts a lot of effort into trying to prevent the rise of side loading. Side loading basically means being able to download an app that is not on Apple’s official platform, and Apple has recently released a white paper that talks about how harmful such a thing might end up being if you’re not careful.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that Apple has a vested interest in ensuring that all downloads occur from its official store. While it is true that there is a lower chance of getting malware through the App Store, it should still be noted that there are still countless scams that occur therein. On top of all of that, malware can still be installed through various profiles that people might set up or other kinds of downloads that they would make on the web.

This means that the utility for restricting people to just App Store apps is marginal at best, and the only reason Apple wants to keep doing it is due to the reason that the company needs as many sources of revenue as it can get its hands on due to the various litigation that it is currently facing. The App Store is not as safe as people think it is, and allowing side loading is going to solve a lot of problems that iOS users currently face. Rather than trying to fill its own pockets, Apple should look into optimizing the experience of its users otherwise this restrictive environment will start to get old really fast.

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