YouTube Taking Integrated Shopping Feature Further with the Launch of Live Video Product Selection Options

YouTube is one of the top platform when it comes to video watching and though the application is a great place to consume content, it is also a safe space for users to trust creators with their product reviews and unboxing.

For the longest of times, viewers have trusted creators with their reviews on certain products before they make their best buy and YouTube understands the role it plays in online shopping. However, the tech firm didn't want to stay limited to just reviewing products and it understood the importance of online shopping early on and also how it drastically increased during the pandemic times.

Hence, while previously users who were looking to sell products through YouTube videos had to put up links of websites where users can buy those certain products in the description box, things changed in the beginning of this year.

YouTube came out with an integrated shopping experience, through which creators can insert certain products that are displayed in their videos in a drop box type page. All the products displayed in the video will be visible on it and tapping on the 'view' option users can directly be linked to the space where they can buy it.

This was a successful feature for YouTube and now the tech firm has planned on expanding this feature and is now introducing similar aspects of it in Live Videos as well.

A lot of YouTube's social media rivals like Facebook have long back introduced such direct online drop boxes for shopping while Walmart recently partnered with TikTok in this venture as well. Apart from such icons in videos, many platforms including Facebook, PopShopLive, Bambuser etc, had introduced this feature in Live Videos as well and YouTube was trying to do the same for a long time.

Now, YouTube has partnered with an Indian video shopping application SimSim to bring its thoughts to vision. The new feature was announced today and will be appearing with a bunch of new options.

This feature will however be limited to certain creators for some time before it makes it way further to other creators.

YouTube is working exceptionally hard in creating a safe and easy to use space for its users and we cannot wait to see what other really cool features it has in store for its audience.

Source: Google.

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