Apple’s iMessage vs Google’s Messages, The iOS and Android Rivalry Takes A New Turn

Apple’s iMessage has been here for nearly a decade. It revolutionized the way messaging on mobile phones took place and brought forth instant messaging integrated with the phone. However, for the past 10 years, Android users have been looking for the last ten years for Apple to extend the feature, but to their despair, Apple has no intentions to do in the near future as well.

Banking on the opportunity for this, Google and its communication producers, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile have come together to make all Android Devices have Google Messages the default communication app to interact with. This feature showed its promise when Google started to integrate the Rich Communication Services in the Google Messages, promising not only the standard of iMessages but a greater coverage and integration with other Google applications as well.

The widely renowned Rich Communication Services system allows the users to send and receive high resolute video and audio over the data and wifi as well as a chat over the two as well, being a perfect rival for Apple’s iMessage. This came first to the Android Users through a reveal by AT&T and T-Mobile earlier this year and Verizon recently joined the deal on the 21st of July through a press release. The statement by the spokesperson of Verizon mentioned their approach to have Google Messages as the default whereas further expanding on the topic by stating that users utilizing the Verizon+ Messaging scheme would not be at a disadvantage but would also be upgraded to the Rich Communication Service system upgrading the users from the previous SMS-based messaging system.

This news might have taken Apple by surprise earlier but with the rivalry at its peak in the 21st Century, there is little to no room for any company to take a breather. Google extended its advantage by the acquisition of Alphabet and ensuring rights over Google Messages. However, it is expected by many tech experts that WhatsApp will take a win in the fight over Google Messages and iMessages as WhatsApp supports both Apple IOS and Android ensuring communication amongst all users on the same plan.

Even though the promise to change the usage plan is set for 2022, Google has already seen a rise in Google Messages user activity as Android Users are starting to get a feel for the application and have a handle of the application earlier than the release date. Despite the popularity that iMessage has amassed over 10 years, Google Messages would start off at an easier yet difficult playing field.

The messaging app from Google has the framework of the Rich Communication Services system in place and is already in use by Apple, therefore, the infrastructure is strong, however, it will be facing tough competition with the messaging features of WhatsApp, Vibe, and Telegram amongst many.

Photo: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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