To allow users to show their dislike towards different tweets, Twitter has started testing a down-voting system

With time the use of social networks has largely increased amongst users, nowadays social media platforms are being used to carry out discussions about almost every topic. A variety of discussions and opinions surely bring out different human emotions, however social media platforms in the past few years only had a like or heart feature that users could use to react to a post thus limiting the amount of emotions users could react with.

This problem was later understood by many social media platforms and they came with their own unique set of solutions. Reddit was amongst the first social media platform that brought about the change and had a down vote button that users could use on a post that they don’t like, Facebook also stepped in and made a change by introducing reactions on posts, which allowed users to choose from a bunch of different emotions for reacting on a post.

While many social platforms introduced different ways users could react on a post, Twitter made no changes and kept their heart button as the only way users could react to a post apart from replying to it. The most probable reason behind this could have been Twitter’s professional user base. However, Twitter has now started testing a dislike/downvoting system that users could use to show dislike towards a particular post. The dislike and like button that are being tested by Twitter has a similar functionality to that of Reddit’s up vote and down vote buttons.

Twitter also said that they might remove the like button entirely and use up vote and down vote buttons, by doing so Twitter would be able to better highlight interesting replies in a long thread, since they would be able to rank a reply according to the number of up and down vote it gets. Twitter believes that by doing so it would be able to make reading replies much more interesting.

The company said that this testing is just a controlled experiment that Twitter is carrying out on a limited number of people using Twitter on iOS, however users are unsure about the release of this particular feature and some think that it might also not be released publicly. This is not the first time Twitter is testing reactions on its Tweet, the company earlier this year tested a big set of reactions on Tweets which were similar to that of Facebook however those reactions were never publicly released. Twitter users think that the like and dislike feature is better than the reactions Twitter tested earlier this year since it better complements Twitter.

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