YouTube enables creators to access sounds from videos to create Shorts

Since YouTube has been under pressure lately with its much compatible rival TikTok rising to the top in a jiffy, it has been taking some measures. While those measures might not include improving the platform to attract more users, it includes trying to "copy" the rising platform.

Of course, these are all our speculations since Instagram also launched Reels and Snapchat took to Snapchat spotlight to incorporate their gesture to appeal to more users. None of them could beat or even level up to the original 1-minute video platform. The cause is apparent - while these platforms treat videos as a feature, TikTok is wholly based on that particular algorithm.

YouTube has been the originator of entertainment videos that let users showcase their talent in the most creative ways. The start was from 18-second videos which now has reached a minimum of 10 minutes so YouTube introducing 1-minute videos is no surprise to the platform. While the intent might be copied, the platform is so guest to the format.

Shorts were made accessible a while back however, they’re still not available for everyone, being quite limited to a few particular regions, for now. It keeps adding more and more features as per user response to launch a better version worldwide.

Its most recent update is the use of sound from YouTube clips to create videos. The new feature can be noticed with a 'create' button although not all users can spot it. It also only appears on limited content at the moment, being exclusive for specifics. Furthermore, it is only available on Android at the moment.

When clicked, the button will take the audio from the particular clip and will add it to the Shorts creation section which works similar to TikTok and lets you create innovative 1-minute videos. This new feature will allow you to create videos instantly, serving the audio-originated video more as a muse. We do not know yet if the Short video would be related to the main YouTube video, however, we do assume that it is a likely possibility.

Since Shorts is highly versatile, you will be able to adjust the sound according to your video. You can lower it, increase it, or change the pace. YouTube is trying its best to make the feature as creative and user-friendly as possible.

It was also announced earlier this week that TikTok is approaching more of a longer-video idea, making its videos 3-minute long instead of the usual 1-minute. Since YouTube is reducing its video time as per the introduction of Shorts, we can see both the sites being distinctly envious of one another. The reason could also be the inspiration to be more like the competitor site but we doubt that the competition is anything but positive.

Shorts has been receiving humongous approval from the regions it has launched in and a keen interest from users all over the globe. We look forward to seeing the feature launch soon for all to access whether it is better than Reels or Spotlight, leaving TikTok out of the question.

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