Want to Grow Your Channel Audience? Here’s How YouTube Says You Should Do It

Becoming a YouTuber is one of the most popular career choices for people these days because of the fact that this is a path that could potentially end up allowing you to earn a decent amount of money through creative pursuits and the like.
However, it is important to note that if you want any chance whatsoever of being able to earn a reasonable amount of money through your YouTube career, the first step for you to take would be to get a sizeable audience.

YouTube’s own Rachel Alves, a product manager working at the company, has revealed a few tips that the platform feels would help up and coming creators find a large enough audience. The first tip that she gave was that you should cater to the needs of your audience. Basically, any and all content that you work on should be optimized based on your audience’s preferences so that they have a reason to stick around when it comes to your channel. Finding new viewers and improving viewer retention can all be done through this tip.

The second tip is somewhat related to the first, and it’s basically that you should find a way to look into getting into a niche. Niches have built in audiences, and they also have a set number of rules that your content should follow although these rules can often be somewhat vague. Finding a niche can often be an easier way to get established rather than following all of the current trends since it would help you maintain a consistent identity that your viewers would start to get accustomed to.

The third tip is a bit less obvious, and it’s basically that you should watch as many videos as you can. If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. After all, you wouldn’t try to make music without first listening to a lot of music and developing a taste for it, and you wouldn’t want to attempt to make a movie without first analyzing the kinds of styles that established filmmakers tend to use along with their techniques. Similarly, watching YouTube videos can help you uncover your own aesthetic and you can often obtain inspiration from content creators whose work you tend to like.

The final tip that she gave is perhaps the most important one of all, and it is that you should keep posting on a more or less regular basis. Not posting enough is something that will make your audience start to lose interest in you, and it is important to maintain a consistent posting schedule as well. What this means is that you shouldn’t post a lot during one month and then fail to post during the next month.

Consistency is key here, so rather than overburdening yourself you should figure out a posting schedule that would give you some degree of consistency that would be altogether sustainable for you. Always be wary of creator burnout, as it has caused the end of some of the brightest careers that would have otherwise kept on going.

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