WhatsApp steps in the transfer problems of iPhone to Android devices

The age-long war between Android and iPhone has plagued social media platforms forever and resulted in one of the most competitive industries across all.

In the modern world, these two smartphone operating systems are imperative for every tech firm that intends to initiate an application for the users.

The competition gives rise to a constant swindling of users from one operating system to another.

This has proved to be one of the toughest problems for tech firms as users intend to transfer their data from one operating system to another. The inability of these operating systems to allow transfer from one to another has proved troublesome. Even though some application exists for this purpose, the trust factor makes it very difficult as applications like Whatsapp, Telegram, GDrive contains sensitive information and providing transferability to third parties is risky and might lead to data loss.

In times when digital privacy seems like a myth, the trusted first parties in these applications are what users intend to turn to for support and safety. With new features being introduced every day, the ability to transfer data from an iPhone to an Android device is much needed.

In light of developments and requirements of the users, the texting giant, Whatsapp has stepped in the ring and a leaked video supposedly informs the users that they can transfer their data from an iOS phone to an Android device (and probably vice versa). This development, however unconfirmed, still remains a beacon of hope for users that are caught in this war of attrition between the two sides.

The key development includes that both of these devices have to be connected to a computer system in order to assist the transfer of data. The uncertainty around this raised eyebrows over the system as a WhatsApp administered software would be needed to connect the two devices. This means that development with Windows is in line followed by an update in Whatsapp transfer methods.

The source of this update WABetaInfo also brought forth that the following update once through internal tests will then be released to the beta testers for better functioning across android devices and testing. After this triple testing, the update is set to be released to the much-awaited general public for their ease and comfort.

This update from Whatsapp has caught all eyes of the tech firms. Texting and cloud platforms have brought into this and have started to come forward with their updates of transfer from android to iPhone and likewise. This update from the global tech giants has started a wave and intends to keep on developing in the near future also bringing forth third party companies to increase more trust and develop a sense of security for their application

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