Google Mobile Search Results Might Start Featuring More Q&A From Popular Social Media Forums (Including Reddit)

These days if you make any kind of search on Google, especially if you frame this search in the form of a question, you would see a section in the search results that would show what would ostensibly be commonly asked questions about the topic as well as a series of answers that would come from sites and platforms on which these questions might have been asked. This feature has been seen even more frequently on mobile search results and it seems that Google is going to be leaning into this at some point in the future according to a few experiments that some developers managed to take note of.

This would involve a new feature that comes in the form of a carousel. The name of this carousel would be Forums, and it would basically show you opinions and responses to such queries that the denizens of the internet would have offered up to questioners on various online forums, with Reddit in particular seeming to be a rather frequent addition to the carousel that some users saw. This feature was spotted by certain users on Twitter, and while the feature has not been rolled out to all that many users nor will it be for an extended period of time, it’s exciting to think that this might be incorporated into Google’s SERPs.

An added advantage of this carousel, if it does in fact get released to the general public, is that it will drive a lot more traffic to forums where people can get answers from arguably more reliable sources. A lot of Google search results take you to sources that are not exactly impartial, so this will go a long way towards allowing people to gain more factual information on whatever queries might be on their mind. It will also be beneficial to the sites that host these forums. Google has a similar approach for Twitter as well, where the search giant shows a lot of relevant tweets in the result pages.

Screenshot source: SaadAK.
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