Beware Android User! These Google Play Store Apps Might Have Stolen Your Facebook Login Details

Suffice it to say that you should be really careful with any and all new and low quality Google Play Store apps you end up downloading because of the fact that this is the sort of act that could potentially end up compromising your security in a really serious way. The thing to note here is that nine sneaky apps that have recently been booted from the Play Store might have initiated one of the worst security threats of any app that has previously been on this platform in the past.

As per Dr.Web, the services that these apps offered were quite innocuous, from photo editing to the removal of junk files. However, it is important to note that these apps did their jobs well was more or less a ruse that was put in place to cover up their more sinister goals.

Pretty much all of these apps showed users ads, but they also told users that if they were to simply log in to their Facebook accounts via the app they would no longer have to see ads ever again. The form that you would have to fill out in order to log in to your Facebook accounts through this app looked quite legitimate as well, but it is basically just another phishing ploy and every single user that made the mistake of trusting the app in question will have had their login credentials stolen more or less immediately.

If you've any of these apps installed or used in the past be sure to remove them from your device as soon as possible:
  • PIP Photo (over 5.8 million downloads)
  • Processing Photo (500K+ downloads)
  • Rubbish Cleaner (100K+ downloads)
  • Inwell Fitness(100K+ downloads)
  • Horoscope Daily (100K+ downloads)
  • App Lock Keep (50K+ downloads)
  • Lockit Master (5K+ downloads)
  • Horoscope Pi (1,000 downloads)
  • App Lock Manager (less than 100 downloads)
Google has also implemented a ban on the developers that created these apps, indicating a will within the company to take stronger action against such malicious actors. However, the prevalence of these types of malware ridden apps on the Play Store is something that can really restrict Android’s growth in the coming years all in all.

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