Apple spends $300 million on Cloud services deployed by Google; increases shared storage space by 8 exabytes

Apple takes refuge in third-party services due to insatiable infrastructure.

Apple has been one of the largest technology brands with a value of over $352 billion with Microsoft following closely behind with $326 billion. The question here remains whether the brand is strong enough to facilitate all that it is harboring?

Although Apple has been striving to improve iCloud, directing most of its new services in the elevation of the application, it still is not powerful enough to accommodate all of the load that users put through. Of course, this results in the use of third-party cloud services that Apple not-so-willingly approaches to keep the storage process running smoothly. The brand itself is pretty secure and stable and manages its data centers itself, only relying on third-party services ever so slightly.

Google has now taken hold of a large part of Apple’s reliance, proved by the increase in the revenue Google generates from Apple which has now increased to 50% year after year, a per TI. This year, the company is said to receive $300 million from the competitor brand with 8 exabytes of data to be managed.

Google is of course the bigger fish here having both Apple and Bytedance as its largest customers with Apple requiring 8 exabytes while Bytedance, which is the founding father to Tik Tok, holding 500 petabytes.

Since Apple’s size is 16 times more than that of Bytedance, Google supposedly gave the code name Bigfoot to Apple. Google being able to deploy such a large space even though both the brands are supposedly arch-enemies indicates the presence of the superior party. However, there is no shame in asking for a little help now, or is there?

It is only natural that users now would worry about their privacy if Google services are being used. The trust here is handed to Apple and not the competitor application. Apple made it a priority to clarify that the personal information handed over to the third-party storage service is heavily encrypted by Apple hence your data is safe and no different than it being stored on the original company.

It should be noted that Apple does not want to engage any third parties with its affairs however certain needs call for difficult measures. Although Apple promises to improve and secure its base to accommodate all data, we find it difficult for the brand to do so. As Apple gets more in demand, the infrastructure continues to weaken, unable to uphold the responsibility that the company bears.

We look forward to seeing Apple improve its facilities as it continues being undermined by using none other than Google as a third-party application to accommodate its storage needs.

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