High resolution media will no longer be comprised by WhatsApp after Video Quality feature will be released in upcoming version

WhatsApp has deeply embedded itself as one of the most frequently used medium for conversation. Due to its end to end encrypted service WhatsApp is preferred by millions of people. However, the application still has its own limitations that may result in WhatsApp losing its leverage in some cases.

Currently WhatsApp is already in news for its upcoming features that will allow multiple devices to get linked with a single account. This update is expected to make its way through the new WhatsApp version. Along with this, other new features may also be get attached with this major update. Among these new options that are going to be a part of upcoming version, is the new Video Quality feature, as confirmed by WAbetaInfo.

This application is criticized for compromising the quality of high definition and resolution media for quite long time. In order to send one , the sender was required to deliver it in a document file. But, the new media quality feature will remove these complains as well. As posted by the official page of WABI, the feature is still under its developmental stage but once the feature is out, users will be offered three different choices through which they can share their HR and HDR media files easily. These three options will be an auto feature that will determine the best option, a best quality option and a data saver mode.

It been a long time since Auto option and data saver option have been were running by default and user had no choice to stop the media from getting compressed, but now with the Best Quality option, it seems like this may now enable users to decide if the video quality should be comprised or not. According to WABI, the feature is a part of version and since there is time left before the version is released then it can be expected that the feature might roll out in few months based on the time period given by Mark Zuckerberg while talking about the multiple device feature.

Hence the new upcoming version could bring in features that will surely make things more user friendly and more accessible while using the application. These new updates may include the View Once feature as well, which will also playing an important role in acquiring user’s device storage.

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