Instagram is offering a $20 discount to some users when they shop on the platform

According to a recent tweet by Matt Navarra and Devon West, Instagram is now handing out bonus money to encourage users to shop.

Instagram introduced shops back in 2020 as businesses faced severe complications due to the global pandemic. The shops were a source of happiness and served as bread and butter for many as people continued to shop online.

Shops are the epitome of efficiency. They allow users to browse through a page, see if they’re interested in any products, and then guide them to a checkout point after letting them wander inside the virtual shop. The process is clean, neat, and fast.

Since most regions are now happily Covid-free or are experiencing a less harsh lockdown, people have taken to visiting stores again and Instagram shops have been facing several impediments. To overcome the hurdle, Instagram has decided to take out its wallet and hand people money if they visit these shops.

In a tweet by Matt Navarra on 2nd July, Instagram is going to pay users to shop from its virtual shops. He also attached screenshots that specified the guidelines for receiving that money - of course, it wasn't free.

The feature is to attract more people to visit these shops with Instagram focusing on new customers. The platform is going to offer you $20 if you manage to get a free user. You will receive a notification that you have got a $20 discount however the discount will only be applicable if you get a user to spend a minimum of $50 on Instagram shops.

The notification will state that your friend will also get a $20 discount on their first purchase, giving you $20 in return. But don't get ahead of yourself by assuming that you can have all your friends use these shops and you can get discounts forever. Instagram states that no matter how many friends you bring in, you will only get a single $20 voucher.

The voucher has a deadline as well. You can use the discount within 14 days to pay less. If you shop after 14 days, you will lose the discount and your chance will be gone for good. So get ahead and shop while the clock is still ticking.

Other platforms have been seen offering discounts as well however this is mainly a tactic used by bloggers to promote their goods. It is good to see such a large brand reaching out to small-hand tactics for the betterment of its vendors.

It is important to note that the feature is only available to US users at the moment and we’re unsure whether it is going to spread to any regions any time soon.

For now, we are going to go ahead and recommend the discount to all our friends so everyone can avail of the cut! So, what are you waiting for?

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