WhatsApp is bringing some enhancements in the experience of the call for its users as it will launch a joinable call feature soon

WhatsApp is one of the biggest and most used messaging apps in the world with more than two billion users. The company always tries to get exciting features for its users to improve the audio and video call experience, and that can be a good reason as people were migrating to the Telegram app for the last couple of years due to the privacy issues in the app but these features will help the messaging app to bring them back on the platform. WhatsApp is making few changes in the call option as it is launching a new Joinable Calls option that will allow users to join the call even after they have ignored it.

The messaging app has recently rolled out the beta update for iOS devices for the test and it is also rolling out the beta version update for Android users as well so that people can check whether further enhancement is needed and that way the company will get feedback about a new feature as well even before the official launch of the feature. For those users who have already installed the latest beta update but still are unable to see this new joinable call feature and the latest UI, they need to be patient as the company has launched the feature just today and it will soon get enabled in their devices.

The company is also bringing the latest users’ interface during the call and it will look like the UI in Facetime. This users interface will help users to get the option rapidly when they are on call with other users. There will also be a ringing option too in the latest UI. According to a report, people spend almost two billion minutes on call every day that shows that how enormous this platform is. The company has also made some interesting enhancements in the group call feature. As it has rolled out a joinable call option that will allow the users to link the call even after it is ongoing. In our daily routine we miss many calls unintentionally when we are busy, but not now, after the improvement in the feature of the group call, if you have unintentionally ignored the member in the group call, you do not need to worry even the call has started. The company will show you an alert to connect the call with the permission of other members to allow you to add in the group call.

You can find the “Join” option for call in the Call Tab. The company has launched this feature for iOS users today and announced that it will roll out the same features for Android users soon.

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