The executive of TikTok has said that livestreaming and responding to the comments of fans are the key factors for creators to build an audience

TikTok has around 700 million users from all over the world and according to a report; the number of its users will reach a billion at the end of this year that shows that how massive this platform is. As there are millions of creators who want to grow on this platform rapidly and get a large number of audiences. Some of the creators try their best by making a trendy video and when it gets viral and gets on the “For U” page of the application, it gets a lot of attention from the people and a lot of views, whereas other creators post varieties of video content with a hope that these will also get noticed.

But the algorithm of the application is a black box and making a single progress strategy is very hard. However, there is no doubt that there are some ideas and strategies that can help creators to grow on the platform and get a large number of audiences. Creators should now focus more on livestreaming as it can help to grab more audiences nowadays, as one of the executives of the platform Corey Sheridan has said it while communicating at an Insider Board on the platform’s influence on the music production and industry a few days ago that this is the significant factor for the rapid growth.

The company has hosted multiple shows during the year for its users and its last show presenting Ed Sheeran was so successful that it broke the viewership records worldwide as that show got 5.5 million audiences. Those creators who are not much famous on the platform can also try to go live, but there are some of the restrictions by the platform that they must have to be above 16 years of age and they should have at least 1,000 followers.

There is another key factor for getting the attention of the audience is to reply directly to the comments of users and fans as this can really help in engaging the audience and this builds a positive image of creators in the eyes of fans. The group at NPR’s podcast said to Insider during the last year that they consider the comment section of the platform as a distinct engagement section. So, creators should not be rude to the audience and they should try to answer the comments of users as much as they can. Kristen Bender said during a show that chatting with fans in the comment segment cannot be outsourced. He further said that it is not a platform where the management posts videos on the behalf of a creator rather, the creator must have to engage with the audience himself.

H/T: BI.

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