Users are begging Instagram for a "Who views their stories" feature... Instagram: 😴

Instagram has taken over Facebook as the primary social media platform by storm over the past few months and is on the up and coming to take the throne of the biggest social media platform ever. With celebrities and everyone joining Instagram, the requirement of the individuals have sprung to life and Instagram users are asking the developers for one specific option over the last few years. This option is more of a personal request from users rather than a professional one as many are requesting Instagram to add a feature that allows users to search who has seen their stories.

This came into the limelight as many users spend precious minutes of their day every time they post a story for one specific person. The users have to look through all the users that are arranged randomly for just one person and this is taking a lot of time. Apart from that, the algorithm is also not perfect that ranks the users according to the views therefore, the demand from users is increasing and the number of users demanding the change is also increasing.

Amongst many individuals that are posting stories, the majority are posting for their crush to see it, while a great number follows in second in order to make their exes jealous and another number adds in to not care about who sees their stories, however the later is a small community in size.

Users have gone forward to complain that people they frequently interact with are placed in the middle by the algorithm while people that they rarely contact or communicate with are almost always at the top and bottoms of the list. This glitch or absence of a theme from the algorithm makes a user that has to repeat the same gesture for multiple stories annoyed as the exact same person is always at different places on each story.

While many want their thirst-trap to be more effective, many business users are warranting in to see the type of users that are looking through their content and build strategies in relation to what areas the most users are coming from.

Not only that the user experience has significantly improved since the time Instagram allowed to search the people that have commented on a post and through the people that have liked the posts. Many believe that allowing to search through the people that have viewed their stories would enable greater ease for people in this era of modern dating as well as for some users using the thirst-trap, a well-deserved upgrade in exchange for the accolade of scrolling through hundreds of users for just the one.

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