Facebook Taking Major Steps to Make Sure Women Community Feel Safe and Represented

Facebook is taking some broad steps for women both within their workforce and those who are a part of their community in making sure they are well protected and represented.

We all know how sick of a world this can be for women most of the times in terms of safety and while women are not safe on the streets in most parts, the web is also a place where most women can feel threatened. Facebook through a survey from Pews found that at least 33 percent of the women on the internet under the age of 35 have been cyber harassed while only 11 percent of the men have been in the same category. So Facebook, realized that it needed to make its space a safe one for the female part of its community.

As a result of this, Facebook will be holding Women's Safety live training events. The events will take place in seven different sessions, each with a different time zone and in four different languages so that a large part of the female population can benefit out of this from around the world. In the sessions, the experts at Facebook will educate the attendees about the tools and resources that they can use to have a safer experience online while also educate them on what steps to take when they experience any kind of harassment.

The purpose of this is to make sure that women feel safe online and that they can freely vocalize their thoughts and opinions without any fear.

However, while this is a great step by Facebook for its female community, this is not all.

Facebook is all set to make sure that the females working within their company are represented fully. The company as a part of the Increasing Diversity in Innovation conference is making sure that all the underrepresented workers in the tech world are heard.

In the Diversity Conference, workers from various firms of government, education and technology will sit together and discuss why the representation of other diverse groups are important in all sects of life. Apart from just the discussions, the companies will also pledge to support the increase of the representation of their undervalued and underrepresented workers.

While Facebook has a major role in this conference, it is already a head in making sure it plays its role in representing diversity in its tech firm. However, while Facebook loves to have workers from all races of life its current goal is focused on making sure it provides equality to all genders specially the women.

Facebook has realized that the percentage of women within all the tech firm have decreased over the years and while the male population was already in strength, the females are slowly declining.

Hence as a part of this initiative Facebook will be improving representation of women and provide equality in its workforce which it clearly lacks currently. The company also regularly updates users about what changes it is bringing to take its initiative forward in its Diversity and Inclusion report.

While this is a long road and Facebook needs to do a lot of work not just in terms of women equality but also diversity of various races, it is still a great initiative which needs to be adopted by every firm and not just the tech world.

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