Twitter’s attempts to tighten security fall flat as Two Factor Authentication is not being adopted by users

Twitter has been facing several problems in regards to security and safety of its over the years. In order to distinguish and build on its ever increasing user base, Twitter adopted a method of two factor integration to plug the security hole it had from the user side. It expected the method to be adopted by a large number of the users utilizing the additional security settings.

However, the results were quite disappointing as recent statistics from Twitter reveal that hardly 2.3 percent of all users have opted for one of the two factors of authentication making it a severe blow for the heads of Twitter. To their dismay, the security feature that they were boasting about to end all their problems was not widely adopted by the users and they choose to stick with the previous modes of authentication as the choice was in front of them.

Twitter took action and explained that how and why users need not only just the initial SMS-based two factor authentication but also require the 2nd and 3rd authentication methods as well to efficiently and effectively secure their Twitter accounts. They went onwards to state that Sim-swapping has resulted in various accounts being hacked and the most notorious one was the company’s own CEO’s account. This had spurred Twitter into action and the extra two factor authentication methods we have are to tackle all attempts of hacking and phishing as the stats indicated that if all three factors are employed, there will be zero to negligible chances of a user’s account getting hacked.

As saddening as just 2% of users enabling the authentication method seems, Twitter did not allow this to lower their morals as they saw around a 10% increase from previous years to authentication processes allowing for better and more secure services.

It can also be speculated that the 2% that adopted the new authentication method were the ones that were the most susceptible to hacking. These include celebrities and influencers who not only hold valuable information of brands in their account but represent years of hard work to achieve the status they enjoy. Although the number seems small, it is expected to grow with stead as awareness of spam and phishing along with the fear of being hacked would have people getting the authentication. Or Twitter might make it mandatory for authentication if push comes to shove.

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