Twitter shows interest in popular cryptocurrency; NFT takes over the mega platform with a giveaway of 140 free NFTs

Twitter has been showing interest in NFTs for a while now as the platform converts regular features into monetized services. The popularity of the cryptocurrency is being elevated through a surprising giveaway, offering 140 NFTs based on the 140 letter capacity of the tweets. We must say, that’s quite a clever move.

This new initiative is bound to cost the platform a hefty sum as just the process to get this currency through costs $100 each, not to count the additional amount spent. However, in the long run, if this play does hit off, the site will profit millions from it.

For now, Twitter is using third-party sites to instigate the process, but we speculate that the platform will come up with a personal solution sooner or later. For now, the Twitter header claims that tweeting about NFTs is its new substitute for moisturizers to get the young glow. Another tweet stated the platform will be handing out 140 free NFTs to its 140 ‘besties’ hence we spot a giveaway coming soon.

The first person to utilize NFTs on Twitter was none other than Jack Dorsey, the CEO of the platform who sold off his tweet at the beginning of the year. The tweet, sold at a reasonable price, was vend through an outsider site known as Valuablesbycent. The same site was then used by Cuban who, on the contrary, has been selling NFTs for a while. The guy sold a tweet for $953 (0.56 ETH) while the CEO's tweet was worth $2.9 million (1630 ETH) at the time.

While NFTs are seeing the greener grass, since it is still a new trend, we do not know whether it will last or just pass with the wind. Twitter's decision to invest might turn the whole facade into more than just a fad considering the importance of the social platform's presence. Furthermore, we can surely confirm that Twitter is testing out the new cryptocurrency to see how its users react by handing out free tokens instead of launching the service directly.
These NFTs will be handed out in sets of 7 as indicated through a reliable source to 140 different users. There are no biased picks here hence one thing you can be sure of is that you have as much a chance of getting picked as everyone else.

Since Twitter has been already investing in turning the platform to a monetized latitude by introducing services like Superfollows and TwitterBlue, it won’t be surprising if it permanently adopts to using the cryptocurrency for good.

For now, we are skeptical about the outcome of the giveaway but we have our fingers crossed as we hope for a positive response.

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