Twitter trolls its users by tweeting they don't need edit button for revising their typos, as they need to forgive themselves instead

Tweeters from all over the world post millions of tweets every single day, and one in every 5 Americans use this platform for connecting with their friends or family. From these massive numbers of tweets, only a few get viral. Sometimes the luckless users of this platform will go viral with a typo in their tweets. Some users scrolling the application have likely realized the predictable 2nd tweet in a famous thread, amending a misprint, occasionally it happens that the tweet is too famous to cancel and there is no modifying or revising option for the tweet.

The people on the platform can use 140 characters to share their thoughts and ideas with others. It happens with many people on the platform that they mistakenly write something in their tweet publicly instead of sending that in DM or sometimes users change their mindset, therefore they want to take their words back through the edit feature of tweets that is why this was the most demanded option by users. The platform has announced something that may not be good for users of this app as it will not introduce the highly requested option of edit for tweets.

The platform has stated that its users do not really need the edit option to revise their typos; rather they need to forgive themselves for their mistakes. However, a rival platform like Facebook has already an edit option for comments but Twitter has still not launched this basic option for its users.

The CEO of the platform has his own point of view about the edit option; the major point that he gave is that if the app provides the edit option to its users, it will destroy the real-timeness of the app. For those users, who desperately want this edit feature, they have two options now, either live with those tweets or leave them on your profile as they are and the second choice is to remove the original and post the latest one that may result in losing their retweet or likes as well. However, there is still one option left for only those users who have extra money to spend on this app. This service is similar to the edit and named Twitter blue but so far the users of Canada and Australia can avail of this service, but maybe more users can get this service in the future. This service will provide an option to the user for amending or reviewing their tweets before posting them publicly. This will give the time of 30 seconds to users to modify before the time is completed, but you can check your tweet without paying any cost.

You don't need an edit button on Twitter, you just need to forgive yourself
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