German Authorities Urge to deactivate the Government Facebook Pages

According to the German data security controller, Facebook violates German and European privacy regulations, and order has been given to all the government entities to deactivate all their Facebook pages as soon as possible.

Recently, a letter was sent to German official regarding the violation of rules which stated that their Facebook profile did not fit to European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as the discussion with Facebook was never settled for the past two years.

This step was taken as a result of European authorities pressurizing all the tech platforms. After digging into Facebook, Google, and Amazon, the German antitrust agency opened a probe into Apple days ago.

The European Union's Court of Justice declared in the beginning of June 2021 that, in some instances, security inspectors in European states might individually implement the GDPR against corporations. Facebook immediately declined to respond over the situation. Kelver also announced that next on the list are Facebook owned platforms including Instagram and WhatsApp along with TikTok and Clubhouse. These apps will be raided soon, based on related data security issues, he encouraged officials to deactivate profiles from these sites.

Private information should only be kept in jurisdictions with comparably rigorous data security rules, and according to EU law, the US seems to be failing in satisfying these requirements. As per Kerber, it is now impossible to block the transmission of confidential data from Facebook group members to the US.

Facebook released an update in October 2019 to tackle information visibility and management, however, Kerber claimed that it violated German federal and state privacy rules. Companies in the United States do not provide any additional guarantees. This demonstrates that Facebook is unwilling to reform its data analysis practices. He claimed that in start of January 2022, they will eventually take corrective steps of the GDPR's Article 58 for the sake of concerned individuals.

Government entities claims that there will be a time when these webpages will become critical for marketing and people will be relying on social media for obtaining information instead od a traditional media. Because to these considerations, Kerber first hesitated from demanding the deletion of the page instead of stating that it depended on ongoing negotiations. According to him, the likelihood of success is almost negligible.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesperson, Steffen Seibert, stated during a press conference held on Wednesday that the commissioner's evaluation is under investigation however the statement was not further elaborated.

Seibert added that government entities are bound to follow data privacy laws being a role model in this function. Officials in Germany have called for the closure of Facebook accounts run by government agencies.

Photo: Johannes Berg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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