Twitter is experimenting with two new features - the ability to search in DMs and a wide variety of emoji reactions to choose from

Searching for a specific liner from that Twitter conversation from years ago? Well, it is going to be made easier now! Twitter has been testing out direct message search features but we do not know how it will work just yet.

Twitter DMs have never been a child’s play and looking for texts in there is impossible. However, in a recent tweet by Nima Owji, the developer shared a screenshot of a new interface that allows for searching up texts in DMs.

Of course, the operation was possible before as well and the developer certainly mentioned the interface is meant for an ‘improved’ operation. Twitter seems to be taking action right away to make the feature available for all.

The screenshot shared by Owji hinted the arrival of this new interface however no specific date is known as to when the launch will occur. The feature is supposed to launch first on iPad and iPhone, followed by Android soon.

Now you will be able to look for that fight you had with your best friend years ago that she denied later. You will also be able to keep track of all the deals made through the DMs. This is indeed one of the best features the platform has offered in a while now.

If you think this is all that Twitter, or in this case Owji, has to offer, you are mistaken. The developer also shared another feature that some of you may be not well unaware of. You can use tweet reactions - in fact, a wide variety of them! The news might not be new to most people seeing how it was just recently discovered by Jane Wong. However, the latest tweet gives us a good look at the reactions we will be able to have our hands-on and we cannot wait!

You will be able to react with heart emojis on your crush's posts while reacting with some cash bundles on your bestie's new car. The possibilities this little update opens up are infinite. The feature is available on Facebook but having it on Twitter now is going to take users to a whole other dimension.

The launch date is a huge secret here, as Twitter might need to make some final adjustments. We do know the features will launch soon for sure since they have been mentioned twice now.

Lastly, it is to be noted that these changes will only feature on the main application. You will need to have the main application downloaded to avail of these updates. Anyone who uses any different version is going to be deprived of them since it will not be available on any third-party applications.

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