TikTok is introducing 'Shoutouts' as a take on Cameo after lengthening its video, taking after YouTube

As confirmed by Fabian (Bern) Ouwehand, TikTok is now offering Shoutouts to users, where content creators will be able to charge users to give them a shoutout (also known as mention). The feature is known, for now, as TikTok Shoutouts and works through a quite visible button available in a rather eye-catching icon. The red button, when clicked, leads the users to the Shoutout service page.

When on the service page, the process is pretty simple. Unlike most other platforms where the process seems alien, this one requires a direct request from the user to the creator but there is a catch. The user needs to send in the request with the payment. The creators have the clock ticking then having three days to accept the request. If they do, Viola! The users have a shoutout however if they don't, the request expires. The three-day rule is also a great opportunity for users and creators to land on a plausible deal.

The actual shoutout is pretty straightforward as well. The creator once accepted the offer, has about a week to make a shoutout video. Once done, the video needs to be sent to the commissioner via dm. The shoutouts offer specific time-slots to users, more like creators selling their platform time to other users. This enables fans to request birthday wishes, mentions, jokes, and more.

While such shoutouts are received well by users on a similar platform, Instagram, we are not sure how these will be received here. Since TikTok knows its way around the general audience, we speculate it must've thought the algorithm through. We do believe that the feature would not be as much of a hit as the platform wants it to be since no one likes seeing add-ons on their favorite creator's feed.

Lastly, the payment needs to be conducted through in-app purchases. The ease of the process makes it much more appealing while the in-app purchases would also add to the increase in revenue of the platform.

The highlight of today is the take on of TikTok on Cameo and other competitors. Cameo is a well-flourished application with a net worth of $1 billion. Platforms like Cameo allow users to monetize their videos by charging a commission.

TikTok has been widening its base by challenging new platforms through adopting their features but with ever-so-subtly. For instance, the take of TikTok on Cameo and the lengthening of the video time in regards to competing against YouTube. The one minute has been turned to three minutes and will be rolling out for all creators soon.

We do not know for now if TikTok will be taking a cut or not from the commission charged, and if it will, then how much. The only thing we know for sure is that TikTok will earn some through in-app purchases.

The feature is a great initiative in regards to pocketing up for creators and the platform, however, the users will not be as happy. We do not know when the feature will roll out for sure, but suspect it won't take long.

Stay tuned to find out more!

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