Apple's business model is in danger as the new Right to Repair rules being drafted by the FTC

Tech giant Apple is always a step ahead whenever it comes to its products. Though the feature provided by the tech giant may not be new most of the time but the way it deals with its product's security, there’s always something new.

With the report released by FTC, short for Federal Trade Commission, it can be expected that the new Biden Government might be asking this Commission to introduce new rules and guidelines that can help smartphone users and repairing shops to expand their services. This is all because of the report released in May, which talked about the Anti competitive restrictions faced during repairing in the United States. It discussed a number of problems including the way Apple deals with it’s iPhone.

According to BB, Joe Biden will directly ask the Federal Trade Commission to form a new set of guidelines and rules on Right to Repair agenda. This formed draft will include sectors that have been digitized including smartphones, gaming devices and tractors as well. Brian Deese, the economic advisor of the Biden Government told that the new rules are being made in order to give rise to an elevated competition in terms of economy to ensure lower prices and higher salary for the American people.

This is why the report directly pointed out the tech giant for its independent repair program that have been authorized and doesn’t fall under any governmental system. The report also talked about how the company adds hardware components to the device that may lead to making it repair almost impossible or uneconomic in some situations.

Fighting government based on Right to Repair rules is not new for the company as they have done this before and every time it was brought up, Apple kept its stance of safety and security to be the first priority.

Prioritizing safety has not always helped Apple, this is why the company has been criticized many times and have been accused for affecting the environment along with users and other businesses . In response to this, a campaign was launched back in 2019 to promote self repair so consumers can repair their own devices.

While United States is still working on its new rules for Right to Repair, United Kingdom already released it’s set of rules. Surprisingly, they didn’t include smartphone and other smart devices even computers in this. This is why all eyes are now on what US will be offering Apple in its set of rules and how it will be affecting the company in America.

Source: Apple Is Blocking Chinese Applications Over Their Attempts To Circumvent The Tracking/Transparency Features
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