Google Chrome's upcoming version will ensure that users browse secure websites

Its been quite some time now since HTTPS became the default for Google Chrome. This step was taken by the tech giant Google to improve users safety. Later Google also revealed its future plan about the upcoming new features to be added on Google Chrome. These new features will further show why Google preferred HTTPS.

Google is all set to release the HTTPS First mode feature on Chrome 94. This feature is similar to the counterpart tool of Firefox. The main objective of this upcoming feature will be to make sure that the user is always connected with any online site through HTTPS. If the browser is not linked with HTTPS and is connected with another link, then the user will be notified immediately that their connection is not secure and they might be putting there data and privacy at risk. However, initially the service will only work for those who will enable the feature but Google is planning to give it a default setting so it can stay enabled to every user.

Google also have some pre release plans as well for Chrome 93. Before Chrome 94 rolls out, the tech giant is planning to remove the lock sign present at the address bar (Omnibox) of the browser . The sign that highlights a secure connection, will be replaced by an arrow facing down to indicate neutral connection.

Such new features are being introduced solemnly to spread awareness to their users, this will help to make the discovery process much better for data privacy and security information. A survey conducted by the company revealed that only 11% of participants were aware of what the lock icon actually means. People considered that it means that the connection could be trusted. However, even if the connection is not secure , the icon will still be shown to the users while notifying an insecure connection on the address bar.

HTTPS is now fully supported by Google and its seems likes Google has already planned a lot of changes that will be brought in including restricting some characteristic Google Chrome feature if the website connection is not secure, these steps will taken over time.

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