Twitter asks for feedback developing four new features prioritizing user efficiency and privacy

Twitter has always been rather focused on user privacy and efficiency. Since the mega platform harbors around 2 million users at the moment, it only makes sense for it to be cautious on such fronts. It also has been known for creating the best environment by keeping user needs a priority. This can now be seen through its efforts to gain feedback from users on various fronts before moving forward with ideas.

A Twitter executive, Lena Emara, through a tweet, gave users the 4 new ideas that the company is willing to test out but they'll only be carried forward after receiving the green flag from the public. They're based on improving security and efficiency.

The first suggestion is a prompt that will remind users of the security status of their account. It would notify users that their account is not public when they reply to tweets from non-followers. As most of you might already know, when you reply to a tweet from a user that does not follow you while having a private account, your reply doesn't show hence the user won't be notified of your reply. To reply, one needs to switch their account to a public one or make their tweets publicly visible. The new feature allows a prompt to appear whenever you reply to a non-follower which would either remind you of your public settings or encourage you to turn the tweet to public.

The next feature is rather fascinating too but only for a selected audience. This feature is being designed for those juggling more than one account. This would allow users to switch between all accounts from the main window. Also, it would give a clear view of all the details in one place like the name, handle, etc. of all your accounts. This could be rather handy for users operating multiple business or entertainment accounts with a lot on their plate.

Emara then shared a screenshot, among others, showcasing the next two features which emphasize the security of the account. The first one keeps in touch with users and their satisfaction. It keeps track of users and their ease with their discoverability. The conversation settings are in view, with the ability to tweak when needed at hand.

The last feature is rather conventional to combat harassment and bullying and keep an eye for popularity. The idea comprises a system that is being designed to inform you whenever someone searches for you. This way, you are much more informed and aware of how and when you're being searched up. Although you won't be able to know who searched for you.

For now, the public reaction has been quite positive. Having the audience involved and giving them an active role in the product development is in itself a rather wise move.

These features are only on paper, or in this case, only on tweets for now, and there is no knowing whether the forming of these features has begun or not. We are also skeptical if these will ever be released or are just a part of the passing wind.

Twitter has certainly been going down the right path and acquiring faith and approval in the process. We remain seated to observe the next changes the platform decides to bring about. Till then, stay connected to stay updated!

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