Google sheds light on the role of artificial intelligence in preventing spam

The tech giant, Google is involved in almost all forms of communication in the digital world and provides resources and features for a wide variety of problems faced by the users. However, with the increased share of the market, comes a greater responsibility to solve the problems that are faced by these markets.

The determination and dedication of Google to keep on expanding and solving the issues faced by its users have provided it the status of the reputed organization. Even in recent years, where lockdown and increased time on the internet has paved way for more problems, Google has doubled up on the opportunity to provide more to its audience with platforms such as Google Meet, Search and Gmail.

One of the biggest support that Google has in the development of its feature and the safety of its users is the expertise of machine learning that assists in removing most of the spam on its range of products. Fairly recently, on a podcast called, Search Off The Record, Google engineers revealed that it depends a lot on its machine-learning algorithms to remove spam from its products.

The update was brought under the light by Duy Nguyen, a member of Google’s Search Quality Team. He highlighted the developments in the podcast and elaborated on how the machine-learning algorithm assists in removing spam from websites in searches, email in Gmail, and many Google services.

The initial point of the development was brought forth by the 23 years long running of Google that provided it with the data, analysis, and details to construct and update the algorithm to keep up with the times and filter the spam based on the insane data it has loaded on its servers to keep its users safe and secure.

His words brought to safety that this complex and elaborate machine learning model took care of all the obvious spam that might have taken some time under different algorithms or might have even gone undetected if such a thing is cleverly hidden.

He further highlighted that Google's artificial intelligence took off the major chunk of the load off of the team’s shoulders and allowed them to focus on more important and specific tasks. However, he mentioned how Google is still yet to find ways to make sure the elimination of Google Support Scams and Hack Spam.

He even went on to state the number of events of such Scams and Spams keeps him up at night to find ways to efficiently tackle them. In addition to that, he also stated that how webmasters rather than focusing on external signals should not copy the spammers but focus and improve on the other portions of the website to have them rank higher. His words on the efforts of Google and the need for consumer education are sage-like.

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