Windows 11 is working on a new feature that informs users about the approximate time to install updates

Windows 11 is currently developing a new feature that will give the idea to the users about the time taken to completely install the updates. This new functionality was disclosed in the Windows 11 Insider version’s latest update, although users seems to be already noticing the updated time frame.

Microsoft reported the updates in a blog announcement about Windows 11 saying that according to the update users will be given an estimated time needed to begin updates. The estimated time will appear on power option in start menu on windows update settings page. The option also appears in the lower right corner of the taskbar when the PC is displaying the update Microsoft notification.

This functionality has been rolling out to a specific segment of Windows Insiders in the 'Dev' channel during the last week, giving viewers insights on what Microsoft has planned for them in this new user interface. Whenever this feature is ready to run in Windows Update, a Taskbar indicator with round reboot arrowheads and a yellow dot appears to notify users that upgrades are available to set up.

Upon clicking in the reboot option, a power menu will open that will give users the information regarding available updates and the estimated time required to install those updates. The same option is also available in the start menu if a user wants to see install updates indirectly. In the shut down and restart menu bar, updates and estimated time will also appear to let the user know.

Nevertheless, this option is purely ornate, as everybody involved in the experiment claims that Windows Update constantly shows a five-minute estimation. The prediction is also outrageously wrong at this moment, because users note that installing the current update on their computer may require far more than five minutes.

Considering only a limited number of people presently participating in the test, Windows 11 is highly improbable to yield correct information until a bigger group is engaged. It's unclear that how Microsoft will come up with the time estimations however, it might be a combination of analyzing disk efficiency on a system and data from other Windows having the same hardware.

The Windows Update settings in Windows 11 haven't modified all that much. When contrasted to Windows 10, the basic options page is somewhat changed.

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