Transparency report suggests Twitter removed around 3.8 million tweets, from July through December 2020

With the drastic rise in the number of COVID 19 cases in 2020, the world experienced a big increase in the use of technology, suddenly a lot of people jumped onto their devices and were online. People made social accounts on different sites so that they can spend the free time they have using them.

The increased usage of internet and social media did prove to be very profitable for almost every business that’s related to technology, social sites and ecommerce businesses grew the most and made record breaking revenues in 2020. This boom in the internet and technology during COVID 19 however did come with a drawback. While people had a lot of free time on their hands because of COVID, they used this time on the internet. With social media being the primary source of information, people believed in most things that came up on it. Throughout 2020 a lot of fake news and information regarding the COVID 19 virus was spread on all social sites.

The drastic increase in the spread of fake information on social sites in 2020 made a lot of them bring out new policies and changes to help tackle it, one such site where the spread of fake news and information took place was ‘Twitter’. A lot of accounts on Twitter tweeted different fake or conspiracy posts about corona, these post surely does affect the mental peace of people and make them more worried.

A lot of misinformed news regarding COVID 19 surfaced on Twitter, some users even made fake claims and reports against the COVID vaccine and called it to be a tool which is being used to control people. Twitter surely understood the effect of fake information and news and how it can affect people negatively.

Twitter is known to be a social network that encourages positive discussions but does not like fake information on its platform which is why they took strong action against it.

Twitter recently released an update on this topic, the company gave out a transparency report which covered the latter half of 2020. The company in the report mentioned that from July to Dec 2020, it removed around 3.8 million tweets because the tweets violated Twitter rules.

Out of the 3.8 million tweets that were removed, only 6 percent of them received over 1000 impressions while around 80 percent received fewer than 100 impressions, the rest 17 percent were between 100 to 1000, however, no tweet that contained fake reports and news gained much impressions or re shares.

The company in the report revealed that it received 38,524 demands to remove different content from around 131,933 accounts throughout the last 6 months of 2020. The report also revealed that 94 percent of the total global demands came in from just around 5 countries which include (India, Russia, Japan, Turkey and South Korea).

This strict action taken against the spread of fake news shows the progress of social sites, it also shows that in the near future it would be near impossible for someone to use social media as a tool for spreading fake news and information.

NurPhoto via Getty Images
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