After Facebook's Family of Apps, TikTok is the Latest Social Media App That Reached 3 Billion Downloads On Android and iOS Devices

Its been more than a year since Covid-19 struck and everything went online globally and witnessed massive growth in most digital sectors. During this time, social media consumption saw a spike in almost every country. Even the newly released applications were getting installed at a much higher.

The social media giant Facebook along with its other owned applications including WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger experienced the all time high consumption rate. TikTok just joined these 4 applications and have successfully achieved a new milestone. TikTok became the 5th non-Facebook app to reach 3 billion installs globally as revealed by Sensor Tower. Previously this was only done by Facebook and its applications but the new addition of TikTok isn’t just a signal that there are other networks as well that are attracting users day by day, but it also means more competition for other apps as well.

Lately a lot of new applications have now entered the competition. Every other application is brining in new features to its platforms. TikTok also introduced new features such as short time limited videos, later the same idea was adopted by Facebook for Instagram when they introduced the TikTok alike Instagram Reels.

Not only this but TikTok is also helping a a lot of content creators to make money by showcasing their talent and skills through this platform. Such monetization policies are one of the reason why TikTok is attracting users on daily basis. The application was released back in September in 2016. In just 4 years TikTok received global recognition from all over the world

While the app was getting recognized globally, some countries banned it as well such ae India, yet still the company managed to get over its loss and was soon back in competition. This itself is a proof that TikTok now plays an important role for its users just like other applications.

Though the app may have reached the level of Facebook owned application in terms on installs yet still it is far behind on the basis of monthly active users. Almost 732 million users were reported for the application in comparison to the 2.85 billion active users of Facebook.

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