Fleets: Twitter’s Failed Attempt to Replicate Stories?

Twitter released the ‘Fleets’ last month. Similar to Stories on Instagram and Facebook, the Fleets are disappearing tweets on the micro-blogging platform. With an aim to provide users with a platform to illustrate their casual thoughts, Twitter was very much hopeful for the feature and anticipated it to become the next big thing.

Unfortunately, it failed!

Instead of being intrigued by the new feature, the loyal Twitteratis disregarded the Fleets and said it was an unnecessary addition to the popular social media network.

In fact, a poll conducted by YouGov found that almost half of the surveyed respondents said that they did not want to post ‘temporary’ content on Twitter and would rather post normal tweets like they had been doing so far. Moreover, some brands pushed the same content on both – tweets and Fleets, giving users a major turnoff.

interestingly, the poll also had some (35%) respondents saying that they already published their stories on other apps and were not interested in the Fleets. the FOMO was also present amongst the respondents with 13% admitting that they don’t know anyone who is posting on Fleets and thus, did not find the need to do so themselves.

People were also reluctant to try the Fleets feature because it lacked the user-friendliness they required. Around 10% of the respondents said that they did not post on Fleets because they did not know how to use it, indicating that the feature may be challenging to maneuver around.

As you can see, Fleets is getting a mixed response from the user base. Only time will tell if it manages to reach the hype created by Facebook and Instagram Stories. Till then, keep watching this space for more updates of your favorite apps.
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